Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy Fourth of July - United States Independence Day!

I often think back to the days that I spent overseas, first in Tokyo, Japan and then in Kabul, Afghanistan, later on Brisbane, Australia, celebrating this American celebration.

In Tokyo, we generally spent the day at the American Club, swimming, chowing down on hot dogs and hamburgers along with awesome ice cream cones and then watching the fireworks at night.

In Kabul, I was a teenager, and as such was often recruited, along with my fellow teens and school mates, to serve at the U.S. Ambassador's residence. We wore red, white and blue and mingled with the guests that the Ambassador and his wife had invited.

I celebrated the 200th birthday of our great nation in Brisbane, Australia. On staff at the school I taught at was another US citizen and our Australia principal - Ian, was a grand fella; and he organized a fete for us, complete with cake and ice cream. The students loved it and although it was winter, we were outside and had a great celebration at the Windsor Opportunity School.

I truly believe that living overseas on the day that the US celebrates its independence from the British and became a fledgling nation, was far better than celebrating it here on its shores. I felt a yearning to be 'back home' (although I have never quite felt at 'home' here) and felt pride in being a citizen of such a great nation.

Today - our nation does not feel or look so great. We have many who have chosen to be dependent on big government as well as many who are adamant that our government is not the problem, that the people are.

Go figure ...

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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Randy Furco said...

God Bless!! Keep up The Good Work.