Friday, June 21, 2013

New York Times author, Judy Nicastro, justifies the  abortion  of one of her twins at 20 weeks gestation ...

The lies we tell ourselves...

Whenever I listen to a woman or man justify their abortion/s, I think back to the days when I did the same...

Why would I justify my abortion? 

The alternative, in not justifying it would be facing what had actually happened during my abortion. 

These are the things I said to justify the taking of my innocent son's life.

1) I was not married

2) I was in school to become a elementary schoolteacher and needed to finish my education

3) I had no source of income outside of my parents who were paying my way through college

4) My parents decided on the abortion - I was not given a choice in the matter

5) I was too young - 18 years old

6) It was not wrong. 

7) I could have other children (which never happened)

I read over those talking points of my justification and realize how lame they are. There is no justification in the taking of innocent life. 

There is ALWAYS a better way than killing. Part of what happened in my abortion was the killing of my soul, of my conscience. With my conscience dead, I did not have to think about what had happened in my abortion ... and I could go on with life.

As I began to come out of my fog about my abortion, I was a very sad person. I have never recovered my son's cruel death. I will never recover from his death, no more than any other mother recovers from her child's death. I also miscarried a daughter prior to the death of my son by abortion. I have not recovered from that death, either, but her death is easier to understand for I do not need to justify her death, like I felt I had to justify Mathew's death.

It matters not why one has an abortion, it does matter, to me, though, that we help each survivor know how much God loves them and cherishes them and their baby. 

If you or someone you know is hurting from an abortion, please call Rachels Vineyard - 877 467 3463. 

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