Sunday, August 25, 2013

Miraculous Medal

For quite some time now I have worn a Miraculous Medal. The other day while coming out of Wal-Mart a man asked me to help him help the homeless. He wanted money from me.

He told me that he was Persian but had become a Christian and his wife, upon his conversion had divorced him. I spoke my three words of Farsi to him and he and I began a conversation.

When he told me he was a Christian I asked him if he was a full Christian (have NO idea where that question came from, but I trust it was the Holy Spirit at work). He was puzzled. I asked him if he was Catholic yet. He said, "No, I am a Christian." 

I explained to him that the Catholic Church was the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and that it was the first Christian Church and the Church that Christ founded.

All of a sudden his eyes got big - he looked at my Miraculous Medal and said "Nine months, nine days, nine hours and nine minutes, she carried Jesus! I love Mary!"

"She and Jesus - I love them!"

I told him that he would find Our Blessed Mother honored and respected in the Catholic Church and invited him to find one close to him - Oh was he excited! 

Thank you, Most Precious Virgin Mary, for your silent, loving witness to this man! May he come to know you more and more through Holy Mother Church. 

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