Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random thoughts

"I live in Africa" ... so, are children in Africa any less precious or created by God?

"I have seen child abuse" ... the ultimate child abuse is abortion - it ends in death 99 % of the time.

"If there was no other way ... " no other way? Abortion is NEVER the way.

"...rude doctor" ... most abortionist do not like performing abortions - they do not like women, no wonder they are rude - to kill is the ultimate rudeness.

"...cried all the way home" ... yes, that is generally what mothers do when their babies die - they cry.

There is hope and healing for those who have had abortions - for those in Africa - there is one Rachel's Vineyard healing retreat in Cameroon - here is the information:

Tiko, SWP Cameroon
Local Host: New Era Clinic
Contact: Mrs. Josephine Onuoha 237-984-4186 or
Note: Medical Officer: Dr. Onuoha Matthew 237 984 4186
New Era Clinic
P.O. Box 458
Tiko, SWP Cameroon, Africa
(237) 984 4186 (office)
(237) 335 14 82 (home)
(237) 335 13 06 (fax)
Spiritual Director: Rev. Fr. Lucus Ngwa

For a complete listing of all retreats and schedules, Rachel's Vineyard Retreats


jmuzyka said...
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chimakuni said...

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Anonymous said...

See what I mean?
I left a very honest, very sincere message on this blog and it got distorted into this post.

No. Children in Africa are as precisous as kids anywhere in this world.

I said: People are never kind to anybody who had an abortion.

THANK YOU for proving me right.
What an insult.
Selfrightiousness is so awful.

My questions did not get answered.
Nobody cares for all these children in Africa. They are DYING from AIDS and other things.
There is still nobody taking care of them.
How do I know?

What an awful blog this is.So judgemental.

And I live in South Africa. Camaroon is very far from where I live.
Because, contrary to what Americans believe, Africa is not the size of a shopping mall.

God Bless

~ Anali

alex said...

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Rachel Neil said...
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chimakuni said...

Rachel - I went to your blog. What I read leaves me to believe that it would be good for you to get some good counseling. Self medicating yourself with joints and slapping your child is not appropriate behavior. I cannot be a party to child abuse. I pray you well.