Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A great comment from Anali!

I was just mindlessly paging through some blogs, you know, clicking on the “next blog” option, when I came across this one. Abortion is always such a tricky subject, isn’t it? I mean, this is not a subject with grey areas. You are either a yes or a big no on this. Nothing in between. I am a Christian woman. I have a beautiful talented 20 year old son whom I love more than anything in this world. I have also had an abortion about 10 years ago. I remember taking the day off work and travelling to a city 4 hours drive from where I live. I remember the dress I wore. I remember the fear and the tears and the rudeness of the doctor. I remember crying all the way home. The pain. In my heart and in my womb. I also remember the relief. This is not the place or the time to try and sketch my situation. I realized a long time ago that people are not kind to anyone who had an abortion. They judge harshly. Yes. Taking a life was not up to me, was it? And I am sure, have I chosen to keep that baby, I would have, eventually coped. Sometimes we make decisions at a certain time because the fear of whatever is in our lives at that time is bigger than anything else. I would always try and talk somebody out of an abortion. But if there is no other way, I would also drive somebody to the clinic, hold her hand and support her all the way. Everybody does not deal with abortion the same way. I have seen too much of too much in my life to try and be anti-abortion. I have seen child abuse. I have seen unwanted hungry children turning to crime and murder. I live in Africa. You just tell me… Will you raise all those “unwanted” children? Will you give them homes, feed them, educate them? If you are willing to give me an unwavering and loud YES!!!! , I will start and anti-abortion campaign today. right here. Right now. Give me that yes, and I will give you my dedication. ~ Anali

Dear Anali - YES! I can give you an unwavering YES, I will give homes to your babies, educate your babies and permit them to live life, the life that God gave them.

I am sorry that you had an abortion - your child would be 10 years old now. If you did not want the child, I know of many people who would have taken your child in. I am a mother who has adopted three children and would welcome more children in our lives.

I am certain that your decision to abort your baby was based on fear. I do not condemn you for aborting your child, for I too, have had an abortion.

To say that you would take another woman to abort her baby is interesting. You cried all the way home from having had your abortion, you write, and yet, you want that for another woman? You want another woman to have the knowledge that she had a hand in the death of her child?

You write "unwanted" child? By whom is the child unwanted? Certainly, not by God, who is the creator of ALL life.

I am one hundred percent anti-abortion - I am against the killing of any human being - and most definitely against killing those who have done nothing wrong - have not had a trial or a jury decide their fate, except for the jury of their mother, father and doctor. Abortion is very unfair to the unborn -

I too have seen much ugliness in my lifetime - I have traveled and lived in many different countries and have seen suffering throughout the world. I have been to the continent of Africa, but only in the country of Kenya. I have seen poverty - but the greatest poverty is the poverty of believing that it is okay to kill your own baby.

I am glad you wrote - what nation in Africa do you live? Africa is such a large continent and has many diverse cultures in it. Please write again. God bless you -

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Amy said...

WOW!!! I too fell onto your blog by passing time and briefly reading 'next blogs'. Yours is much differnet than the others, good for you!!! See, what you write IS getting out to others! YAY!
To Anali--YES!! I would give a home to babies/toddlers/teens! I too am sorry for your abortion!