Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anali - I am glad you have written again

I believe, due to the constraints of the written word, without body language and word intonation, that it is difficult, many times, to get across what a person is trying to explain, so I will try my best by answering your comment.

First - I apologize if you have been injured in any way by my postings. I am post abortive - I had an abortion 41 years ago this April. I lost my son at the gestational age of 16 weeks. I had a second trimester abortion in which I went into labor and my son's life was terminated.

I am pasting in your comment and will reply to your concerns.

Anonymous said...
See what I mean?
I left a very honest, very sincere message on this blog and it got distorted into this post.

No. Children in Africa are as precisous as kids anywhere in this world.

Anali - you have made my point - the question was a rhetorical one - that means that of course, I know that children in every continent and nation are precious, created in the image and likeness of God. We, those who are living, have no right to decide that a child must be aborted because it is any less precious than any other person.

I said: People are never kind to anybody who had an abortion.

Anali - how have I been unkind?

THANK YOU for proving me right.
What an insult. And, here I ask the same question - how have I insulted you?

Selfrightiousness is so awful. I agree with you here - self righteousness is awful -

My questions did not get answered. You asked me if I would care for the children in Africa, if I would find homes for them, if I would feed them and educate them, and my answer was a definite ... YES! Please re-read my post to you.

Nobody cares for all these children in Africa. They are DYING from AIDS and other things. Anali, let us be honest with one another - there are many who do not care about children. HOWEVER, there are many who do care about children, not just those in Africa, a huge continent, but those specifically in South Africa, those who are dying of AIDS and other diseases. But to kill a child (abortion) before it is born does not solve the problem of when a child will die a death due to disease. Abortion, it seems to me, in your mind is a preemptive strike against how a child will die. For instance - if you think a child will suffer with HIV/AIDS, you kill it before it has a chance to breath its first breath.

There is still nobody taking care of them. Anali - be honest - although not every child's need is being met - there are people who do care for the children who are dying and who are in need of orphanages. Let me ask you - what are YOU doing - have you adopted children? Do you spend time in assisting those who are less fortunate than you?
How do I know?

What an awful blog this is.So judgemental. How am I being judgmental, Anali? I am stating facts.

And I live in South Africa. Camaroon is very far from where I live. If you recall, Anali, I asked you where in Africa you lived. I realize that Africa is a large continent. It was not until you left the comment I am replying to now that I had any information as to where in Africa you live. At this time, the only Rachel's Vineyard retreat is in Cameroon.

I leave you with this ... you told me if I told you I would find homes for those in your mind, unwanted children that you would "If you are willing to give me an unwavering and loud YES!!!! , I will start and anti-abortion campaign today. right here. Right now. Give me that yes, and I will give you my dedication."

Do you still stand by your word?

Anali - you do realize we are speaking about abortion - the killing of the most innocent among us - and I am so sorry that you lost your child to abortion ten years ago. To take the life, to be the person who decides that their child must die is not natural, not at all natural for any mother or father. When we abort our children, we break with all that we know is right and good. Many times, in order to make our decision to have aborted our child/ren, we justify it with rhetoric such as "there are too many children already" or "too many children are suffering" or "I cannot afford another child" or "my boyfriend will leave me if I have this baby" or other pressures.

It is my firm belief though, Anali, that mothers who have had abortion/s are hurting women. Women who know there is something wrong - and there is no amount of justification of our actions that makes the killing of our own child/ren right. When we permit our defenses to evaporate, when we admit that we, in our fear, in our righteousness, in our justifying our abortion/s were wrong, we can begin to find healing from the procedure that killed our child/ren.

Anali - that is what I am offering you - permission to acknowledge that abortion (any abortion) is always wrong, permission to know that you made a choice to abort your child, which was harmful to you and deadly to your child.

Permission too, to know that although you cannot go back and change the decision you made to abort your baby ten years ago, you can ask God to forgive you, to help you move forward and to be an anti-abortion advocate. In doing so, Anali, you will be sparing others from entering into the same deadly mistake that you and I both made many years ago. God Bless you


Peter said...

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It is now

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Ju said...
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chimakuni said...

Thanks, little bro! Am emailing you ...

Steve Finnell said...

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genderist said...

Thanks for promoting National Safehaven alliance!

Sharifah said...
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Susannah Faye said...

You said, "abortion (any abortion) is always wrong,"

Does this include terminations of ectopic pregnancies? If an ectopic pregnancy isn't terminated, the baby will die anyway, along with the mother. So it seems to me that this would be one case (the only one I know of) where abortion wouldn't be wrong. Thoughts?

chimakuni said...

hi Susannah - I am not a medical doctor. However, with an ectopic pregnancy, the life that has begun cannot continue to grow in the fallopian tube and if left untreated, can cause maternal death.

Sadly, the removal of this type of pregnancy is always fatal to human life, however, it is necessary.

When I write that abortion is always and I repeat always wrong, I write about a pregnancy that is not in the fallopian tube, but in the uterus. IF there was some way that a baby in an ectopic pregnancy could survive, as is the case of a normal pregnancy, then yes, I would consider that terminating the ectopic pregnancy would be wrong.

However, since there is a 0 % chance that an ectopic pregnancy will result in live birth, the removal of the pregnancy is not an abortion.

I hope that answers your question.

Susannah Faye said...

Thank you :)

chimakuni said...

Susannah - you are welcome.

I went to your blog and saw that you were home educated. What curriculum did you use?

What are your thoughts on abortion?

Charles said...

i couldnt imagine the task of raising children and i am educated and gainfully employed. I honestly dont think i would be GREAT at it. It seem there are far too many parents already who are not giving their children the ability to succeed. im painting with broad strokes right now so please forgive me. I understand the passions on both sides of the issues. Those who have made the decision not to go to term should be given respect not chanting bible waving women trying to change her mind. i know you guys feel like your doing good but that is only in your circle of chosen and accepted beliefs. Its seems like you are harassing these girls who are making tough decisions in a very personal and difficult time. I dont feel if you talked them out of it and they went to term and delivered it only to immediately hand it off to a nurse for adoption would be any better for the mother. Again i dont share your ideology so the God issue is mute with me. if anything i would question you gods love of children especially after hearing the numbers that are dying in Samolia. i saw a mother holding her two dead babies after walking 3 or 4 days to a town. You guys are obviously in big numbers, well organized, incredable hearts and the compassion for it is awesome. It just seems insted of trying to save unwanted babies take that passion to a group that needs your God. If he wont give them water maybe

chimakuni said...

Charles - you are welcome to write here ... and I am glad you did. You bring up many issues - the first one is your discernment not to be a parent because you don't think you would be good at parenting. Not all are called to parent. That is no crime - it is just what it is.

Now, you write that you think that "bible waving women" do harm to those who are headed to have an abortion. (or something along those lines)

I stand in front of the abortion mill in our town - I hold a sign that says "I regret my abortion". I have never carried a bible to the abortion mill, nor do I spout off bible versus.

You know, so many times people think that those who are pro-life are all bible toting persons - however, there are atheists for life, secular people who do not claim to be atheists, religious people and those who are spiritual who stand outside of abortion mills.

I have had women come up and talk to me. I have given them my story, the story of my child, killed way too soon - and a child I can never hold on earth.

The reality of life is not pretty - when we mature and realize that there is death and suffering, it is hard to have hope that bringing life into the world will somehow be a good thing.

I am aware of the children dying in Somalia. Have you sent money for food for them? For shelter for them? What have YOU done to assist them?

As far as a mother bringing her child to term and then adopting the baby out for someone else to raise - no, it is not easy, it is indeed very difficult. What is even harder, though, it to know that as a mother, you cooperated in the death of your child through abortion.

There are some horrible adoption stories - there are some wonderful adoption stories - in fact, more wonderful stories than horrid stories, but it seems that news is not made up of the ordinary, only the sensational.

The massacre in Norway just two days ago - should the Norwegian people quit having children because a mad man killed so many of them?

WHAT? Well - your logic that we should not have children because there are those who are starving makes about as much sense as my last paragraph.

Charles - if your mother had chosen abortion, you would not be here to have written your words, nor to read my words.

No one is telling you to have children. I am telling women, in a very emotionally fragile hormonal state that I did have an abortion, I regret my abortion and there is a better way.

I do hope you will write again.
God Bless you -