Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gethsemane Cemetery

In a little corner of the Gesthsemane Cemetery, there is a memorial to the unborn. The names are placed on the marble free of charge to those who have lost children from abortion or miscarriage.
The memorial has a statue of the Holy family and it is a very peaceful place. This morning, Mel and I went to the cemetery and prayed a Rachel's Vineyard rosary in honor of our lost babies. This rosary recitation, produced by Dr. Tom Curran, will be on-line in a couple of months. The video will be available to those who wish to pray on-line, for those whose hearts are with the unborn or for those who have lost children prior to birth


My daughter's name, Michelle Ariana Bennett, is etched into the beautiful marble. I miscarried Michelle forty years ago this month. I do not remember the exact date, but knowing how God works, I imagine that it might just be this day, the 17th.

I miss her.


Leslie K. said...

Rest in Peace, little St Michelle.

Christine Trollinger said...

You are the Mother of a Saint! God Bless you LeeAnn.