Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What did I tell you?

uh ohhh...I went to another blog that I am a member of to respond to the death of George Tiller. I knew that a very pro-abortion person would be posting her comments on his death and that same person would take the irrational stance that everyone who is pro-life is responsible for his death. And sure enough - there was the post!

I posted...the person copied and pasted what she orginally posted and I tried my best to write what it was that we who are pro-life believe and feel and think.

BUT that is not good enough for those who are so caught up in the "right to kill your own baby" camp. No, the person continued her ranting, calling us Christian fundamental terrorists. 

I asked her if she was taking her medication - she did not reply. I then asked her if she had started drinking again, knowing her history of being extremely argumentative when she drank alcohol and she was displaying the same type of behavior. Totally irrational, totally stident and demanding that all who ever had a negative thought about George Tiller take responsiblity for his death.

THAT did it...she was furious and called on her posse of poster friends to come in and chastize me for my asking her the question.

To be fair to her, I told her that perhaps she should have a drink because if she was not drinking, she probably needed one to get out of her serious raging. I told her I was concerned about her anger towards me. I said if she was not drinking, that she should consider getting into a program and work it so she was not a horrid dry drunk...people like that are really in need of  closer supervision.

Ah dear, she then decided that she needed to apologize on my behalf! WOW! This must be the new liberal tactic - I mean, she is taking a page right out of Obama's book - he who is currently on his way to "apologize for America."

Sigh - after I told her she did not need to apologize for me and that I was certainly not apologizing for my words, she has gone underground (again)...BUT, readers, stay tuned - because her poster buddies have one again attacked me...and one of them, poor man, thinks he is god! 

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Leslie K. said...

good Lord....dry drunks are so much fun, aren't they?