Sunday, May 31, 2009

do you hear what I hear?

this is a photo of a five month old baby's head...look at that perfect ear. This is the size of a baby that the abortionist George Tiller would kill - he would sometimes dress the babies up in white, after killing them and have his "chaplain" give the baby a memorial service. Then he would go and cremate the baby.

George Tiller was a very strange man. I am sorry he was killed - but I am NOT sorry that he can no longer act out his perverse killing rituals. I am not sorry that he can no longer injure another human being.

Over the next couple of days, weeks and months to come, we are going to hear how the pro-life people are crazy. How they kill those who abort babies. I am here to set the record straight - pro-life people do not believe in killing. The person who murdered George Tiller was not a pro-life person. 

This baby's beautifully shaped head is a reminder that all life is precious, all life is sacred.

This next baby is the same age as what my baby, Matthew Dean was when he was killed by abortion. Now some would say that because I had been sexually active outside marriage, I should not have had the "right" to carry my baby (back in 1970) and others would say that the baby was not a baby but a clump of cells. Well, hello! - a clump of cells looks like this. This is also an age that George Tiller killed. I am glad he is no longer a threat to babies of this age. 

This wee baby is five months in utero - also a target of George Tiller's age group. Now, how in the world can someone think that it is okay to kill a fully formed baby? I don't understand, but I am sure that George has already given his account to God by now. Quite frankly, when I stand in front of God, I don't want to make excuses for having been pro-abortion. I beg of all of you who are reading this and are on the fence about abortion to understand the enormity of what abortion is: the deliberate dismemberment of innocent life, and to work to end abortion.

After all, we never know, we just never know, when we will be facing God.


Dean said...

Well said my dear sister in Christ!!!

Leslie K. said...

Murder can never be used to stop murder, but we know that from all evil can come great good. My only hope is that Dr Tiller had time to ask for forgiveness...and I know that if he did, Mercy was granted to him by a loving and wonderful God.

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

I saw some criticism of his going to church. We all have that right; and he believed in what he was doing. HOW CAN A HUMAN BEING ... BELIEVE ABORTION IS OK?
Some states (maybe all, am not sure) makes it a double crime to kill a pregnant lady; and yet, if that lady ... with the help of others ... kill that baby ... THAT IS OK????? Who am I to understand what drives those people. It is beyond my comprehension; and yes, I am also against the death penality ... for any crime. Worse case scenario ... still not worth killing another human; send them to JOE A; where he puts them in pink underwear and tents.
Cajun Sissy

John Deere Sissy said...

Here here Macile! Joe A. is my kinda guy! Some criminals here live better than I do. They should have to live on my budget AND pay room and board, meds etc.

Lee Anne: Keep spreading the word my friend. Matthew Dean is very proud of his momma.