Monday, May 25, 2009

Several years ago...

I had a conversation with my mother. We were out having lunch after having run some errands and she and I began to talk about the Gates Foundation giving a huge grant to different nations in Africa so as to help eradicate malaria. I applaud the Gates Foundation for using their vast finances in a way that helps humanity. Nothing wrong with that scenario. 

And then - yes, there is always that ... and then I said "it is a shame that while the Gates Foundation gives millions to help get rid of malaria that they also give millions to Planned Parenthood which takes the lives of millions."

At that my mother's face froze and she snapped at me. "WHY do you have to say that?"

"Well, Mom ... here's the deal - the Gates's right hand is doing a huge humanintarian gesture and it is publicized for all to read about and hear about on the news. The Gates' left hand is quietly giving to Planned Parenthood to destroy lives."

She was furious with me - 

That was one of the last conversations I had with her.

Sadly, she is not open to dialogue about things she is convicted about and abortion is just not a topic you may discuss with her. She shuts you out faster than a speeding bullet ... she will not entertain any notion that abortion is wrong...none what so ever.

I did not make that statement to anger her - I did make the statement to make a point. And that point is that otherwise well educated (and she is that), intelligent (ditto) and interested in learning about life, people have become otherwise entrenched in their ideological belief that abortion is a woman's "right".  (Sadly, half of the aborted babies are female that will never have any rights, but the ideology of abortion ignores that very simple fact.)

Now, I did not make up the fact that Gates and other very wealthy (see this list.. David Rockerfeller, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, ) people are bound and determined to carry on Margaret Sanger's population methods. And those are - those who are not wealthy enough, educated enough or good looking enough should not have children. 

Therefore, readers, Planned Parenthood is in lower income neighborhoods, preying on the poor of the world with huge money behind them.

But, hush - it is a dirty little secret that none of the wealthiest in the United States want you to know about - they can't stand us who are not as "brilliant" as the rest of them.

I have a secret for them...they will all die - not a one of them shall live for eternity here on earth and when they die, they will meet God, just like the rest of us. Yes, Bill and Melinda, that means you, you, too Oprah, and Warren. And, yes, even my mother and my siblings.

For those who promote or push abortion ... who put money to back their ideology in killing innocent human beings ... there IS A GOD! And, He creates life, not we ourselves. 

Repent while you still have time, while you are still able to change the course of your eternal life.

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