Friday, May 22, 2009

Brittany Karen or Joshua Alexander?

Several years ago, I attended a birth in which everyone was expecting a little girl, Brittany Karen. All the baby items, blankets, outfits and such that had been brought to the hospital were pink. Several ultrasounds had been done on Cyndee and the ultrasounds indicated that the baby she was carrying would be a she. Everyone was excited that Andrew would have a little sister. 

After several hours of labor, the baby arrived. While the doctor was cleaning the baby up she stated in a rather confused tone, "it's a boy." 

Grandma K. picked up the statement, "it's a boy?" and slowly, the phrase was repeated around the small birthing room. 

After the initial shock wore off that Brittany Karen was indeed a male baby, Cyndee announced that she had picked a boy's name just in case - and indeed, this was a case! So, little Joshua Alexander was named and he celebrated his 10th birthday recently.

So, it is with interest that I post this article Oklahoma passes bill to ban abortions based on sex selection 

Of  course, no one would dared to have thought to abort Brittany Karen, the longed awaited for little sister for Andrew, but would they have thought to abort Joshua Alexander?

Think about it . . . sex selection abortions do not just happen in China and India - and I applaud Oklahoma for recognizing that abortion due to sex selection is wrong. Of course, abortion is wrong, period, but this is a step in the right direction...

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