Monday, May 25, 2009

liar, liar

pants on fire...

"The Planned Parenthood Federation of America has released its annual report for fiscal year 2007-2008. The document shows the nation's largest abortion business is getting bigger as it showed an increase of five percent more abortions and increased taxpayer funding.

According to Planned Parenthood's latest report, abortions increased to 305,310 abortions up from 289,750 in 2006.

That 5.3 percent increase came at a time when the Alan Guttmacher Institute, it's former research arm, showed abortions were at near-historic lows.

Thus, while abortions were on the decline in the United States, and while Planned Parenthood sought to distance itself from its abortion business, Planned Parenthood did more abortions than it has done in years". 

Read the rest of the report at  LifeNews.

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