Saturday, May 02, 2009

Beach in front, garden in back

Probably the best thing about the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is that the hotel is calm, serene and offers its guests a beautiful location. The staff at the Royal Hawaiian are just wonderful, so it was with some consternation that Mel and I found ourselves in a position to have to complain to the management of the hotel.

Below is a review I wrote for Orbitz (who we booked through).

The Royal Hawaiian hotel is magnificent! We were able to have a wonderful, relaxing anniversary celebration. The staff that greeted us was fantastic. Sora, whom I had spoken with prior to our arrival, and knowing it was our 23rd wedding anniversary, arranged to have a bottle of champagne on ice in our room when we arrived! What a treat. The room was clean, although the bathroom, too small. The toilet paper in the rooms is one ply, but go figure in the public restroom, there was two ply toilet paper.

The housekeeping was great the first day and then it went downhill. We did not get new soap, shampoo or amenities and the third morning, no caffeinated coffee! We called down and housekeeping brought up packets of coffee. 

Turn down was not until nine p.m. - second night, we were woken by knocking at nine by the turn down service! Third night, the door just opened...I told them we were all set for the night. The bed was not made up until afternoon.

We complained to the head of housekeeping and to Rory at the check in desk. Both Mrs. Torres and Rory, at the front desk, listened to our dismay and were quick to rectify the situation. The last night we were there, our room was beautifully turned down, as one would expect in a five star establishment, and Rory as well as his boss, Mr. Otagura, made sure that we had everything we needed for the evening and the rest of our stay, which sadly, ended the following morning.

Although the housekeeping was not up to a five star standard, once the management became aware of the problems, they went out of their way to make sure that the problems were fixed and my husband and I were most appreciative of their efforts on our behalf.

The other minor detail is that the chaise lounges on the beach, are put away starting at five p.m. with the job completed by six. If one wants to sit out on the beach after the chairs are put away, they must sit on the sand. I would have loved to have been able to enjoy the beach until around nine p.m. on a nice chaise lounge.It seemed as though the beach accommodations were for the staff and not the guests. 

The food is superb at the hotel and the ambiance is lovely. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the hotel and I am looking forward to being able to return there for another wonderful vacation.

I think Mel is sold on the idea of returning to Hawaii one day - perhaps in the not too distant future with Gabe and Jordon. I keep thinking how great it would be if Jesse gets stationed there. That would definitely give us a reason to return!

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