Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Zoo

Being on vacation, just the two of us was delightful. There were no children (young adults!) to have to worry about, there were no demands or pressures. We could go when we wanted to go, stay as long as we wanted to stay at any particular place and come back when we wanted to.

We enjoyed early morning breakfasts at the hotel - they greeted us with little shot glasses with 
the smoothie of the day and the smoothies were always scrumptuously tasty. The meals that were offered were great tasting and filling. Sitting on the edge of the beach at six thirty in the morning was pure delight.

After our breakfasts we strolled a couple of steps down the white sands of Waikiki beach to a waiting lounge chair. An umbrella would soon appear to shade us and we sat enjoying the early morning surf while reading our books and newspapers...a little bit of paradise!

Sunday was a true day of leisure, because, truth be told, I cannot remember what we did! I do know that we were on the beach in the morning and that my good friend Joan called me while we were resting up from our vigorous morning! We walked around Waikiki in the afternoon and then found a Vietnamese restaurant to eat lunch in. My "little brother" Dean called while we were having lunch. He had just been on a Crusillo weekend and was excited to tell me how wonderful it was.  

Monday morning we also hung out on the beach in the morning and then we decided to go to the Honolulu Zoo. It was our 23 anniversary and we recalled fun bits of our wedding day as we meandered down towards the zoo.

The Honolulu Zoo was part of Royal
Hawaiian family's private land holdings. It used to house a race trace along with botanical gardens and now encompasses the zoo along with the aquarium, which is down the road towards Diamond Head. 

The zoo itself is pretty tired looking although the animals and vegetation are great. The elephants, two females, are in a very small area but the rest of the animals seem to have enough space to roam around. The elephants did not seem to mind being in such a small space, but hey, who knows how an elephant thinks! Their keeper gave a little talk about them and then fed them.

This giraffe picture is for Andrea, Mel's daughter, for she loves giraffes!

Us, twenty three years after our wedding...

The flamingos are one of the zoo's highlights 
- one sees them upon entering and exiting the zoo.


Dean said...

Watch out for that Dean kid... He can be a real trouble-maker. :)

chimakuni said...

Yes, indeedy, watch out for Dean...he is a wonderful "little brother" and as such he is supposed to be a trouble maker!