Friday, May 01, 2009

Mahalo (thank you)

The bus ride from the Honolulu Airport to Waikiki gave us ample time to see downtown Honolulu along with the different hotel fronts as the bus dropped other vacationers off along the route.

We arrived at the Royal Hawaiian and were graciously greeted by Sorah. We were presented with leis and oshibori (cool, slightly damp white cloths) to wipe our faces and necks along with our hands, and a lovely little smoothie to whet our appetite for more of these tropical delights.
We were shown to our room, which overlooked the garden. The room was spacious and clean, a little tray set up with freshly baked banana bread muffins and a piece of dark chocolate. On ice was a bottle of champagne, courtesy of the hotel as a congratulatory gift for our anniversary. 

After cleaning up a bit, we set out to explore our surroundings. We went through the International Market Place, which was literally steps from the hotel. I had recalled being there in my youth and thinking it was a  magical place with lots and lots of goodies to purchase. We went into the food court and had Korean baby back ribs for our dinner.

The Market was a lot smaller than I remember it, of course, I am a tad bit taller than back in the day and it seemed dingy and dark to me on this trip. There were not a lot of people going through the market place, but the vendors were pleasant and friendly.

After the Market we walked down the beach to St. Augustine Catholic Church in time for the five p.m. Mass. On the way back, we walked on the beach, enjoying watching children rush up from the water to the beach, squealing with delight as the water chased them.  

Arriving back at the hotel, we enjoyed mai-tais at the Mai Tai Bar, sitting outdoors and listening to the musicians play. The service was, as always, accompanied by an Aloha smile and generous

That night we fell into bed, exhausted as we had been awake pacific coast time, since four thirty a.m. 

The following morning, we rose before six a.m. Hawaii time and went downstairs for breakfast. 
We were seated at a beach table (see photo from last post) and had a delightful breakfast. 

We learned the ropes regarding the beach chairs and protocol surrounding their use. It seems that you may reserve the chaise lounges by putting a towel over the back of them. Around seven a.m., the beach "boys" put umbrellas up over the occupied chairs for the guests. We enjoyed lounging for a couple of hours - reading without interruption and totally relaxing. Mel went into the water the first day, and I waded in...

More to come! 

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Dean said...

Wow, this sounds like such a wonderful experience! I wonder if any of my superiors will ever post me in Hawaii. I'm sure it's not a very popular place to go. :)