Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seattle Coffee Works

Several days ago, I read an article on a sister blog, Abortion in Washington. What I read was disturbing - Seattle Coffee Works, located at 111 Pike Street, Seattle; had a new coffee blend. 

The coffee blend was called "Pro-Choice Washington" and two dollars of every pound sold would be donated to NARAL. Now NARAL's only goal is to keep abortion legal. (We already know that there is no such thing as a safe abortion, so we won't even pretend on that score.)

I called Seattle Coffee Works and told them my name and that I was dismayed by their partnering with a group that was pro-death. The young woman was very pleasant - identifying herself as their marketing director and she said she was sorry for my abortion, yada, yada, yada, but that they would not be removing the blend because other people did not feel the same way I did.

Oh? Well - how's that for dismissing even 1 % of your customers? 

However, I asked that the owner return my phone call and gave her my phone number. She kindly took down my number and said she would brief the owner on our converstation.

I asked her if she thought a baby in his/her mother's womb was briefed on the fact that they would be aborted. She said she did not know, and I asked her again and she said, "probably not."

The phone call from the owners, Christy and Sebastian, never came.

HOWEVER, God had other plans. And those plans were that others in wonderful pro-life ministries; Rachel's Vineyard and 40 Days for Life also called in and wrote Emails to Seattle Coffee Works. 

On the 17th of March, news came that the blend was no longer being sold!!! I called Seattle Coffee Works after perusing their website to double check and thanked Christy (one of the owners) for making a good decision in favor of LIFE!

She told me that NARAL had approached Seattle Coffee Works and that it is SCW's policy to donate to non-profit organizations, to give back to the community. No fault there! She said they had not realized what a hot topic it was and so when they started getting emails and phone calls, they took another look at their marketing decision and decided to remove the blend.

She seemed to be quite happy that I called her. I  took the opportunity to educate her about NARAL and how one out of every four babies in America are aborted and out of that number, one out of every two African American babies are aborted. 

Several people who took the time to write have now purchased a pound of coffee from SCW as a way of thanking them. I will be going into their store in the not too distant future for a cup of coffee and thanking them again. 

Sometimes we can become discouraged in our defense for LIFE...

HOWEVER, God is always in control and I praise Him for His Hand in this work. 

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call or an email...

Next time you are in Seattle, please go to Seattle Coffee Works and purchase their goods and thank them for all the unborn who have no voice.



Leslie K. said...

I SWEAR THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD - and I am mad too.....


Christine Trollinger said...

Good Job Sissy!