Monday, March 16, 2009

Officer DOWN

How often do we take for granted the protection of our police officers? When we feel threatened, one of the things that we have in the back of our minds is that we can call 9-1-1. With this knowledge I am urging all my readers to pray very hard for this officer, Officer James Vincent.

From my friend who works for the police department in California comes this...

Officer James Vincent of the Antioch Police Department, faithful son of the Holy Mother Church, was severely injured in a car accident while on duty. His spinal cord has been severed. Please pray for James and his family as they have a tough row to hoe ahead of them.

Also, please pray for Bob Struble - he was in the ER last night with chest pains...not a good thing!

And, if you are still on your knees, please pray for my friend, Joan. Her son, Kevin, who passed away at the too young age of 29 last October, would have been 30 years old yesterday. They celebrated his birthday - a bittersweet day. 

Thank you all - God Bless

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Leslie K. said...

THANK YOU for this....prayers are what is needed right now.