Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girl Time

Living in a household of males, we think the parakeet is male, too; I seldom go out and just do "girl time."

Now those who are girls, know what I am talking about...a day of wandering aimlessly through the stores, looking at this item and touching that ... all the while talking non-stop.

Yesterday, I accompanied two women for one of those marathon "girl time" events. We went to Bellevue Square and walked around, amazed at the items for sale and at their exorbitant prices...truly, over $2,900.00 for a purse? Really? How about a coat for a couple of hundred dollars? Truly amazing.

What was even more amazing is that there were people actually purchasing items. 

We had a lovely luncheon. We decided to share dessert - a flour-less chocolate cake that was so rich we, with three forks, could not finish it off.
  Magda and Nancy Krall...Lee Anne and Nancy Krall attacking the cake! 

It was a great time - and the memories linger on today. I am, of course, exhausted from all the walking, talking, looking and trying to digestthe prices!

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Leslie K. said...

HEY you deserved it...I wish I was there and btw I like the redder hair! Or is it just the camera lighting? LOOKING FABULOUS!!!