Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If,even IF...

There is a debate in my family - my sister says that I chose to have an abortion. She was not there, she does not know her facts. She says that I was not pristine in my behavior before I had my abortion...well, no duh! - I was a pregnant seventeen year old, unmarried and so, that statement is a given.

Today while standing praying at the abortion mill in East Bremerton on Riddell Road, I came to a knowledge that here to fore has eluded me...thank you Lord!

IF, IF I had wanted an abortion - what then? Is it not okay to become wiser and say "Wait a minute, my abortion killed my baby and injured me terribly."? Or, do I, have to always be in agreement that once a person has an abortion that they should never say they regret it.

Well - to hear many people speak about abortion, one would think the latter.

I have seen men and women easily in their 70's drive by the Planned Deathhood mill and both flip us, who are praying. their middle finger. Are they post abortive? Are they unable to look back and say "Whoops - I regret this situation in my life" or do they always have to maintain that every decision they made was perfect?

I think the latter...

I see so many hard hearted people who cannot stand to look at mistakes in their lives honestly and speak truthfully about them. I see them telling others that they are wrong about the circumstances of what they did, i.e. abortion and telling others that they were always crazy and the abortion did not make them so.

Well, world, I am crazy, I am just about as crazy as the next person...but I do know one thing - I did not chose abortion; it was chosen for me AND I do regret having had an abortion.

I do know that I am not alone in this world and that I answer to a higher authority. That authority is God to whom I surrender all my mistakes, my success and my life.

God bless you, reader.

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Leslie K. said...

Look - you have hit upon another level of healing. I would look your sister right in the cyber-eye and say, "What person has not made a decision at the age of 17 that they did not regret at the age of 50?".

And then....we love them anyway. We have some hate filled people attacking us right is the time of year.