Friday, March 13, 2009

Cut Funding?

"Citing Planned Parenthood’s links to abortion, the Orange County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted unanimously to rescind the organization’s $290,000 contract which would have funded a sex education program."

WAY TO GO, Orange County Supervisors!!!! I am so grateful for this GOOD news! Click here for your reading enjoyment!

And in response to Leslie K's comment on my family debate blog - - when you are "perfect" you do not look back over your life and think of things that you may have done wrong or regretted. But, of course, this is a trap - because no one is perfect and just pretending you are is a very heavy burden. For to do so may just mean that you need to offer God your sorrow and ask for forgiveness...

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Leslie K. said...

then you tell her that she is very blessed to have reached the age she has reached without the burden of any regrets for anything she has ever done in her past. Tell her that we - all of us who regret our abortions - are in awe of her. Then ask her to please keep us in her prayers, as we are sure she must have better access to Our Heavenly Father because she has never taken an action in her life that she now sees as wrong.

Then thank her for us.