Friday, March 13, 2009

The number one cause of death in America

is abortion. 

Okay - so I am late to the party - when I read that sentence, written by Michael J. Miller, I had to read it twice...three times to really comprehend was he was writing. Mr. Miller writes a very good article, here - Pro-Life Activism — Adapting and Thriving

Truly not only is abortion the leading cause of death in America, it is 100 % preventable.

Let us think about that - the leading cause of death in America today is 100 % preventable.

What are you doing to help prevent abortion? Yes, I am talking to you, dear reader. Come on out to a 40 Days for Life site and pray with us. Donate money to a local pregnancy resource center. Pick up the phone and talk to your congressman or senator and tell them you are tired of abortion, the leading cause of death in America. Join your Respect Life committee at your parish - don't have one? Start one!!! 

Educate yourself on abortion issues - and talk to others about the evil of it. Let's work together to make abortion an extremely rare procedure.

Let us put Planned Deathhood out of business. 

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