Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There is a group of people in my area who have decided to form the Anti-Choice Project.(warning - graphic images on this page).

The project aims to show people the truth about abortion. Abortion is not pretty, abortion is the deliberate dismembering of a baby - and so they hold signs in our area that show the truth about abortion.

WELL!!! Some people are outraged and fuming! How DARE anyone bring out from the shadows, the ugly and painful truth about abortion? How dare these people educate the public about what is going on in their county? The outrage is not over the death of the babies or the way the babies are killed - it is over those showing one of the end products of abortion. 

We know that that other end product is the injured mother, father and extended family of the aborted baby. 

I would laugh if it were not so tragic - for we have babies aborted here in Kitsap County on a routine basis and Planned Deathhood is the main culprit in the dismembering of these babies.

To those who stand in the cold, rain and (today, snow!) showing the truth of abortion, my hat's off to you. Thank you - perhaps through your witness, fewer abortions will be performed. I can and do only pray that! 

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Tom and Carrie said...

Great post. Thank you Lee Ann.