Friday, October 03, 2008

I Finally Found a USE!!!

As some of my blog readers are aware, I have been trying to reach Fred Finn...he wants my vote for him to be my State Representative for the 35th District, Position 2.

The first time I got a flyer from his campaign, the flyer said that Fred was in my area (lucky me!) doorbelling and getting to know people so that we could vote for him. (lucky me again!) I called Fred's office. I got an answering machine, so I politely stated my name, my telephone number and I asked if he would call.

I waited . . . and waited. About three weeks later, his office manager called me and said that she had been in the hospital, but that she was returning my call and by the way, what did I want to talk to Fred about.

I told her I had see that he had a 100 % approval rating from Planned "death"hood and from NARAL. As a post abortive woman, I am 100 % against NARAL and Planned "death"hood. She was sympathetic - but she said she could not tell me her position on the matter. I told her by telling me that she could not tell me, she had told me that she was pro-abortion.

I further told her that I would like to talk with Fred. I am waiting . . . waiting . . . and still, that's right - waiting!

I have written an Email to Fred Finn. He has not responded.

From time to time we have received more flyers - very glitzy things with lots of pictures of Fred - the friendly man next door and a slogan "Experience to make a difference". Okay - I am intrigued - what experience has made a difference in his life?

So I have wanted to call again - no wait, I did call again - and yet he has not returned my phone call.

Today, oh today! Another flyer - this time the flyer is gliltzier and bigger - as though the other flyers were not loud enough.

Well, I knew that I could call Fred and ask him to come doorbelling at our, I tried that before, I could call his office - nope, check that off the list too...

Danged if there has not been a fly in the kitchen, bugging the heck out of me - I have been shooing it away and then I got a brain storm!

I used Fred Finn's flyer to kill that fly dead! Yes, I did. Now I will go and throw Fred's flyer away.


Dean said...

Lol. I love the use you found for Fred Finn's flyer. :) Thank you for your witness!!!


Anonymous said...

As of today, Fred has spent more in this race than every other legislative candidate in the state. There are 305 people running for House or Senate he has spent more than 304. There is only one way to offset those big expensive flyers and all that money, the answer is you. I don't have handlers or personal secretary speaking for me, I try to talk to everyone myself.

Your voice and time could make the difference in this race. It is obvious to anyone following my race that if I win, it will be by the grace of God because I can not and will not be able to outspend him. We are very close to winning this.

Fred has assured me the State Democrat party is poised to spend a whole lot of money attacking me. Last time they changed my face from "Tax cutter to baby eater" This was a quote form some blog or article on the attack add.

You and others like you praying, making calls to your friends and or posting on your blogs could make the difference between winning and losing. Please consider giving a few hours of your time.

Thank you for your consideration.
Randy Neatherlin

chimakuni said...

Randy - thank you for leaving a comment - you are running for the same position as Fred, which you did not make clear. I have spoken directly to you about the challenges re: spending that you have against the Democrat party.

I have also asked your stand on abortion. You are ambivalent regarding the issue.

It is my prayer that you will come to see the evil that abortion is and that you will be able to say with conviction that an abortion should never occur. It is my prayer that you will join me and others like me to bring an end to this current culture of death.

One must be aware that although the GOP is not a pro-abortion party, there are many in it, such as you, Randy, who are on the fence about abortion.

I will definitely not be voting for the democrat party unless they are part of Democrats for Life.

Quite frankly, it is not man's approval and opinion that is important - it is God's and His commandment "thou shall not kill" still stands today.

Angela M. said...

They must have a list going called "ProLife Houses to Avoid" and you're on it. I am going through something similar with a local politician that I thought I might vote for. She said she was ProLife ...except for certain cases...which makes her pro-abort. *sigh* I'll keep praying for her.