Thursday, October 02, 2008

Governor Theodore G Kulongoski (click title)

The name sounds wonderful - God adorer - - and Kulongoski - a good Polish name - a good Catholic Polish Name...but the good name and the person who wears it are at odds - odds with what the Church teaches and what he is promoting -

Governor Kulongoski and his wife are hosting a dinner tomorrow, Friday, for NARAL - National Abortion Rights something or other.

The saddest part is the the Governor says he is Catholic. His pastor, Archbishop Vlazny of Portland had this to say ...

"It has come to my attention that Governor Ted Kulongoski will be hosting a NARAL Pro-Choice political gala two days before our Respect Life Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This is a source of embarrassment for our church and a scandal for the Catholic community. For a Catholic governor to host an event of this sort seems a deliberate dissent from the teachings of the Church."

Hear that Governor ... you are an embarrassment and causing scandal! We, your brothers and sisters in Christ need to admonish you and bring you back into the fold with our love, our prayers and our input.

Here is how you can contact the governor - please be polite, don't smack him, and please let him know how NARAL is horrible but that those who are in it are lovable - just as he is.

Contact information for the Oregon Governor.

Thank you - and oh yah - prayers will definitely help ... that he will change his mind and begin to think Christ's way instead of the world's way.

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