Sunday, October 05, 2008

Baby Mariah

Last Sunday morning, people attending a church service in Federal Way, Washington, found a new born baby girl on the steps of their church. They called in the authorities. The following day, a young girl came forward and identified herself as the mother of the baby, and evidently identified the father of the baby.

This morning the news is that the father of the baby has flown back from his National Guard training to met his new daughter and to take care of her for three weeks prior to be shipped over to Iraq for ten months. His family will take care of the baby for him while he is gone.

The mother, meanwhile will likely face criminal charges ... "second degree child abandonment".

It is my prayer that the mother NOT be charged with anything. Yes, she could have left her baby with the father's family in the first place (assuming she knew them), yes, she could have taken the baby to the hospital and left her there (we have laws that would protect her for doing this) and yes, she could have made contact with the father and let him know.

All of these things she did not do. BUT, she also did not murder this little girl, now named Mariah, when Mariah was still in her womb. She did lay her 12 hour old daughter on church steps, knowing that someone would be coming by soon enough to take care of her.

This young woman who did not make the fatal mistake of abortion should be treated with respect for having chosen LIFE.

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Angela M. said...

I don't understand why they would charge her. She was obviously unable to care for the child and at least she didn't harm her. She is going through enough trauma as it is. Giving up a child is not easy - why can't they help her instead??