Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vice Presidential speech

The last time I watched any part of any political convention, I was at home, held hostage by a horrible cold and the only thing (pre-cable) that was on was the democrat national convention. I believe the year was 1984, but I cannot be positive, I was delirious with a fever.

Tonight I watched Sarah Palin give her speech. I was a little concerned - because although I liked her last Friday night, I was worried that she was a flash in the pan, one time wonder, but she proved me wrong!

She knocked the ball right out of the park! I am so proud to be aligned with the Republican Party right this minute.

I like that Senator McCain had the foresight and courage to chose her as his running mate. I have hope that the United States will see what REAL feminism is all about.

A strong woman who is not afraid to have children, who is not afraid to dress nicely, who is not shrill, who uses her wonderful sense of low keyed humor, who loves her man, who is proud of her children and who can give a dang good speech on top of it all!

This is good - this is good...and what's more, she reminds me of a very dear friend and sister in Christ of mine - Missy John Deere, and that, my dear friends is a good thing!


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