Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Politics as NOT usual

Much ink has been spent on the Vice Presidential candidates for the U.S.

The bottom line is that Sarah Palin is more Catholic than Joe Biden. She is a woman who has integrity, loyalty to her position as a mother and actually speaks in a way that Americans respond to.

She is a Feminist for Life! What a concept! A woman who knows that babies are meant to be born at the end of a pregnancy, versus killed a couple of months into gestation. Sarah is brilliant there ... simply because most (sadly) of the women politicians in the U.S. have not a clue that babies are supposed to live their lives outside the womb.

Our society has done such a brilliant job of inculcating "death to fetuses" that a lot of people no longer even think through the whole idea that a pregnancy is meant to end in a live birth. No, instead when they hear a woman is pregnant - no matter the age - the question is "is she going to keep it?" or "what is she going to do?"

This is why so much ink is being spent on Sarah's daughter, Bristol, too.

A pregnant woman will give birth in approximately nine months. It does not matter her age, the way the baby was conceived or what drugs are ingested by the mother. The fact is that seventeen years of age is not too young to give birth to a live baby.

The Palin family is responding like millions of families in America have done. When the Palins found out their daughter was pregnant with their grandchild - they supported her. They have shown that they do not just talk about being pro-life, they actually, recognize the child within their eldest daughter's womb is a baby and not just any baby, but their grandbaby. They recognize that this baby is already alive.

Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air in US politics. I wish that Joe Biden was - but alas, as a "Catholic" he sees nothing wrong with the taking of life. Joe Biden could learn much from the Palin family. For those who do not know, one cannot be both Catholic and pro-abortion. It is 100 per cent against the teaching of Holy Mother Church.

"It is poverty to kill a child so that you may live as you wish." Blessed Teresa of Kolkota.


Leslie K. said...

I pray that Sarah will embrace The Eucharist and the Fullness of the Christian, that would be AWESOME.

chimakuni said...

You are so right, Leslie! I have been praying that she woudl come home to Rome!!! I am also praying that she will see that her stance on contraception needs to be tweaked . . . tweaked for LIFE!

Let us all pray for the conversion of souls!

Angela M. said...

Did you know that Mrs. Palin is a baptized Catholic?