Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The American Psychiatry Association

"Why Does APA Ignore Evidence Showing Abortion a Risk to Women's Health?"

Because it suits their agenda. Psychiatry takes God out of the picture, which also tries to get rid of guilt, shame, regret. Not all practicing psychiatrists make this mistake, but many do.

I have been told I am just this side of crazy for being regretful over my abortion. I have been shunned by family for working in the Vineyard (Rachel's Vineyard, a post abortive healing ministry of the Catholic Church) - for if my family were to look at the choice that they made for me, they would have to agree, my abortion was not a good thing. Instead, they say that I was always a problem.

I figured out that I am not the problem any more than abortion was a solution. But alas, it is easier for others to put the blame on the mother of the aborted baby so they do not have to look at the fact that abortion is not good for anyone.

And by the way, I am so happy that the Palin family, instead of insisting their daughter kill her baby, is standing by her. I am happy that her mother is being a good mother to Bristol. Although Bristol will encounter many difficulties in her future (who does not?) at least she will never have to contend with the horror of having had an abortion.

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