Sunday, September 07, 2008

Angela M.

writes "Did you know Sarah Palin was baptized Catholic?"

No, and thank you for that information, Angela.

I was baptized into the Christian faith as an infant. (as Catholics are, too) I loved and was drawn to all things Catholic from the beginning of my memories. Eventually, someone asked me if I wanted to become a Catholic -

I had no idea one could become Catholic! Similarly, Sarah Palin may not know that she can study the Catholic faith at this time and return to her roots. I have written that she is more Catholic than Joseph Biden. And, that is truth - primarily because of her stance on life.

I am going to start praying for the conversion of Sarah Palin - for her to come home to Rome. I have met many who have checked into the church precisely because of their pro-life stance.

Anyone else want to pray with me? "Where two or three are gathered..."


Anonymous said...

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chimakuni said...

Good going, anonymous! Sarah Palin for President of the United State in 2012.

By the way - who are you going to vote for this time around?

Esther said...

I'm prayin'! :)

Leslie K. said...

she needs to Come Home....let's pray!

check out my friend's blog....