Wednesday, September 10, 2008


If you are interested in helping the unborn live, please read an urgent plea from Father Frank Pavone. America has had enough abortions. We need to fight against those who will continue, not only to keep it legal, but expand it. Thank you for reading . . .

Dear Lee,
I need your immediate and generous response ... and I need it right now.
Please click here and follow the instructions.
Two of America’s largest pro-abortion groups are spending $10,000,000 each to influence the November elections at all levels of government. Those two groups are Planned Parenthood and NARAL.
On top of that, Hollywood elitists and the financiers of the “global warming/population control” crowd – individuals like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet and George Soros – are giving tens of millions of dollars to extremist pro-abortion groups.
Their goal is to keep abortion-on-demand the law of the land because they know, as my mentor the late John Cardinal O’Connor once said, that if something is legal, people tend to think it’s moral.
In truth, that’s the main reason why Priests for Life works so hard to educate voters.
But right now our efforts to oppose Planned Parenthood and NARAL and the rest of the abortion cabal are suffering because contributions to Priests for Life this June and July have been far lower than projected.
Click here to help make up the deficit and keep our pro-life work going forward!
The slumping economy is a big reason for this I know. Gas prices are at an all-time high. This has caused food costs to increase sharply. Over the past six years the dollar has lost 40% of its value. The stock market has dropped around 20% since October 2007. Companies continue to lay off workers and the country is on the verge of a recession if it’s not already in one.
So while the agents of death are flush with money and spending tens of millions of dollars to keep the cold-blooded killing of innocent babies legal, the combination of a slow economy and a drop in contributions threatens to bring our efforts to a screeching halt!
This couldn’t come at a worse time for our movement or for the unborn we serve. On Labor Day, the fight for America’s pro-life future will begin in earnest. That’s why our opponents are pumping so much money into the election. They know the impact it will have on the future of America for generations to come.
Now I know we cannot match the pro-abortion forces dollar for dollar.
But we are more than a match for them when it comes to promoting the truth about the sanctity and dignity of all innocent human life! Of this much I am absolutely certain:
If you will click here and entrust Priests for Life with a much-needed “end of summer” contribution, we will use your dollars to win victories for the unborn!
So please act now … while you’re reading this email. Your immediate help is needed so we can refute the lies of the pro-abortion apologists and bring people over to the side of life!
No other pro-life organization is as equipped to do this work as is Priests for Life. We reach literally tens of millions of people through our programs and take advantage of all forms of media – TV, radio, Internet, print. And when you consider the high stakes in play this election – in particular the make-up of the Supreme Court – I know you’ll do all you can to help.
It will take a minimum of two million dollars to fully fund all of our work from now until Election Day. But as daunting as that amount sounds, it pales in comparison with the vast sums the pro-abortion industry has. In fact, our budget is a mere 10% of what Planned Parenthood and NARAL will spend over the next two months.
So please give. Give as generously as you can. Give as Blessed Mother Teresa asks:
“We remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts.”
God has called you to fulfill one of the most critical and important missions in the fight to end abortion … namely the task of funding the fight.
Never was your financial support needed more than it is right now!
So please click here and follow the instructions.
I’ll close here with my heartfelt thanks to you for your immediate and generous response. And to demonstrate the depth of my gratitude, I will remember you at each Mass that I offer; and not only me but also the other priests here at Priests for Life. May God bless you … and may He bless us as we go forth to do battle against the powers of hell.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Frank PavoneNational Director, Priests for Life National Director, Gospel of Life MinistriesPriests for Life PO Box 141172Staten Island, NY 10314
PS As the late Pope John Paul II was fond of saying: BE NOT AFRAID!!! Don’t let the naysayers get the better of you. The truth is that we have every reason for confidence and enthusiasm. More Americans share our pro-life values than adhere to the pro-abortion lie. Members of our Priests for Life staff are responding to ever increasing requests for pro-life information. We are sending out more materials than ever. Viewers of our TV shows are writing to say they are just beginning to get involved in the fight to end abortion ... as are listeners to our radio shows. From all this we are seeing our pro-life family swell in numbers like never before. The key for us now is to press forward with all this work ... without any letup whatsoever. Thus my letter to you today ... and my fervent hope that you will click here and respond as generously as you have in the past. Thank you again ... and may God bless you.
Note: Our online donation system is fully secure and complies with the latest professional standards. For those who prefer to send a check, however, it can be made out to “Priests for Life” and sent to the mailing address above. Thank you!

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