Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do you ever think . . .

someone else can fight the abortion fight, it really does not affect me? I am not called to be out in public trying to raise awareness for the rights of the unborn. I really don't know HOW to help fight abortion . . . there are so many different organizations out there and gee - aren't THEY doing it?

Well, friends, here is the deal. Abortion affects each and every one of us. Not just in your local community, but in the larger community and indeed, world wide.

Recently I asked if any of you would donate money to help raise funds for an ultra sound machine that will be utilized to show mothers their unborn children. Thank you for your generous support.

When a pregnant woman is in a crisis, she often times does not think straight. She has such conflicting opinions crashing in on her and she just wants to be done with thinking what she should do. By being able to see her child via an ultra sound machine, the mother is much more likely to choose LIFE for her child.

THAT is what I call a CHOICE!!

Here is Melissa's fundraising site again for those of you who did not get a chance to donate. It is still not too late.

Together we can end abortion. God Bless -

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