Thursday, August 21, 2008


One of my favorite things to do is to "work" the pro-life booth at the Kitsap County Fair. Pictured here with me is one of my favorite people, Mary-Lou. She is a beautiful lady and she is a joy to "work" with.

Yesterday our four hour shift flew by. We seemed to have just gotten to the fair and blam, the next shift people came and we were on our way home.

One of the things that I have learned about people at the fair is that there are those who come by, refuse to have eye contact, but are taking in everything that is in the booth. They turn and come by a second and then a third time. Each time I respect their "hell" as I remember doing this when I was still pro-abortion. It is hell to see the photos of babies in the womb when you have had an abortion. We do not show dismembered baby photos, only those that you see above. But, nonetheless, for a woman who has had an abortion and is keeping that a secret, it is hell.

I ache for those women. There were several of them that passed by time and again yesterday. Mary-Lou also knows these women and we simply say, "another one" and pray a Hail Mary for them.

We in the pro-life movement have NO DESIRE to inflict harm. We have compassion, we know that Christ can heal those deep, deep wounds of sorrow and regret. We pray that those who come by again and again will come to know the healing power of God.

Then there are the other women who come by and show off their babies - there was one woman who I remember from last year - a young gal, quite pregnant and unmarried. She had decided to keep her baby from harm and this year she brought her baby by to show her off. Hurray! The baby is beautiful and what a choice - LIFE!!!

There are people who come up and thank us for being there ... little do they know it is our honor and privilege.

Some people stop by and attempt to tell us that we are wrong, that women should have the right to choose (to kill their baby). We tell them that we are here to educate people about life and we do not need to argue. We listen, we speak, but we do not argue.

One woman was extremely frustrated with us - she became very agitated and threw down the information she had picked up. She came back to tell us with disgust that we were totally wrong, that aborted fetuses were not used in stem cell research. I told her that actually, George W. Bush had signed into law a line of fetuses that were used in embryonic stem cell research. Her frustration led her to tell us that she had a paralyzed son, and he is paralyzed from the neck down and that they NEED the embryonic stem cells so that he can be cured. (never mind that adult stem cell research has had results that are efficacious while embryonic stem cells have not proven to be the panecea that people pray for.)

I understand her frustration. She is a mother who loves her son dearly and prays for the day that he can walk again. She sees us in the pro-life movement as a block in that road to 'recovery'.

I truly wish that I had been able to sit and cry with her - with her frustration, with her sorrow and her pain. I know that she only wants what is best for her son - we all do - but she could not talk beyond the pain.

Please pray for this mother and for mothers like her who only pray the best for their children.

Please pray too that we did touch hearts and that those who yesterday felt that "choice" was the American way, will see that killing of a human being is not "choice" it is murder. Pray that they will be opposed to this infanticide and that they will come to stand for LIFE.

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Leslie K. said...

It is so hard...there are times when I just want to wrap my arms around the people who are so angry at the thought on NOT being allowed to have an abortion, while they assure me that they PERSONALLY do not think abortion is right...and I know how they can do that double-think, and the pain it causes them.....thank you for what you do.