Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boy Scouts and Court of Honor

Two years ago, September, we went to a Boy Scout "look and see" meeting. Gabriel and Jordon liked what they saw and they decided they wanted to join Boy Scouts.

Since then, they have been involved with numerous activities, including 20 mile hikes, overnight camping with only what they could carry in their pockets - no sleeping bag - nothing and freezing weather, week long camp outs, leadership campouts, cooking (yum), first aid work, volunteering, helping out in the community, and enjoying themselves as they work on their merit badges.

The Boy Scouts is a great organization. It is lead by the boys with adult leadership and that adult leadership is guidance, not interference, so the boys learn how to face challenges and work through situations that arise.

One of the things I like about Boy Scouts is the advancement protocol. The boys are queried by a group of adults to see if they truly know the material they have set out to learn. The first protocol is an interview by the Scout Master and then there is a second interview by parents of other scouts.

This interview process is a wonderful way for the boys to get ready for real life interviews for employment. They learn how to sit up straight and communicate articulately. I like this!

Recently, a Court of Honor was held for Troop 220 in Vaughn. The boys who have earned merit badges receive them at this time and those who have advanced in rank are acknowledged and given their advancements. The COH is held every three months and it is always accompanied by a wonderful potluck...yes, it is the food that really draws me!

Jordon received 12 merit badges this past COH. Gabriel received nine as well as advancing in rank. Gabe is now a First Class Scout!

Jordon is a Star and will be come a Life Scout within one week, so he will get his advancement at the next COH.

I am proud of our boys - they work hard, they play hard and they are wonderful young men.

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Anonymous said...

You should definitely be proud of them :-). Jordon is such a hard worker, and Gabriel is a real joy.