Monday, August 25, 2008

Abortion is not a feeling

I wrote, in response to Jerry On the Lake's questions to me, on the Modesto Bee Blog. I am pasting it in here because truly, abortion is not about a feeling - abortion is the deliberate taking of life. His words are in red.

"Whatever you feel about abortion, making it illegal again will harm and kill more women than now. Criminalizing abortion would allow an already overly intrusive government more means to control the citizens and limit liberty.

Again, education and legal access in our rapidly shrinking 'free society' are the most pragmatic means to deal with these complicated, emotional issues."

JOTL - first of all, it does not matter what I feel about abortion. The fact is that abortion is the premeditated destruction of human life. In order for one to get an abortion, one must actually premediate their actions and then act on them.

You write about limiting liberty. Liberty for whom? For the woman? For the baby she carries? What liberty does a woman have when she decides that in order for her to go on, she must kill her child? What liberty does the fetus have?

Most abortions are coerced. Sublty and not so sublty. I hear women say "he told me he would leave me if I had the baby" (she aborted, he left anyway) "he told me he could not have another kid" (she aborts, he leaves) "you need to get your education and you don't want to be saddled with a kid" (she aborts, the education she gets is tainted with the blood of her baby) and on it goes...

You quote free society, JOTL. We live in a free society - I have lived in different countries throughout the world, and trust me, the U.S. is ONE FREE SOCIETY. What freedom does a mother have when she feels she must kill her offspring? We have one of the wealthiest societies on earth - and yet, we are in poverty because we do not welcome our offspring.

"Just remember that many Americans do not feel as you do. That doesn't make them uninformed or bad people. "

Just because many do not feel the same as I do does not alter the fact that abortion is the taking of a human life. And, quite frankly, I do not care that many Americans don't feel the way I do. I have never been one to be in lock-step with other people, but I pray I am always in lock-step with God.

Only you can decide whether or not you or anyone else is a bad person - I do not judge. I do however, love when people use that to try to win an argument - "I am not a bad person"...what's up with that? God makes GOOD, JOTL, and He made you, so I reckon you must be good.

Uninformed? Well, JOTL, from the way you write, I believe that you are uniformed about the issue of abortion. Yes, you have wonderful, well thought out arguments about why you feel abortions should remain legal. You are uninformed because you refuse to state the truth that abortion kills a human being. Because you will not do that, either intentionally or unintentionally, you are either ignorant or uninformed.

Your concern seems to be IF abortion (the deliberate taking of a human life) becomes legal, many will be made criminals. I would venture to say that IF abortion (the deliberate taking of a human life) were to become illegal, many people would sigh in relief and say "WOW! Thank you!"

Why? Because there would not be the pressure that there is now, to abort a baby. There would not be the 'friendly' planned deathhood down the street - those mills that take the lives of human beings. A young woman who was in crisis, not a crisis pregnancy, could look at options such as raising her child or putting that child up for adoption. She would never have to think about killing her child.

I know, JOTL, I know, there were abortions before Roe V Wade (mine was) and there will always be abortions. But, since 1973 there have been over 50,000,000 that is fifty million lives lost to this social experiment in the United States alone. In the world we have lost more than a billion human beings.

I just flew cross country - yes, there is land for everyone, JOTL - the 'over-population myth' is just that - a myth.

But, I digress - abortion is not a feeling, JOTL - it is a fact. And the fact is that abortion kills a human being.

As far as abortions being done in hospitals - very few of them are done in hospitals - planned deathhood is the largest abortion provider in the United States. That is where most abortions are done and they are NOT regulated like hospitals are. Many times there are no doctors on site.
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