Thursday, August 14, 2008


When we discovered that our trip would involve several days in Omaha, Nebraska, we were curious as to how we would occupy our time. My husband jokingly said that we would be eating a lot of beef and checking out the stockyards.
What we found in Omaha was much different from what our idea of Omaha was. There is much to see and do - - and we enjoyed our days there.
The O is a great campaign for Omaha. This photo was taken outside the museum at Boys Town just outside of the city. We went to see Boys Town and found out that it has now become a Boys and Girls Town and it is secular, no longer religiously based. It continues to help children who are challenged with their lives and the grounds are beautiful.
We went to the Durham Museum - it is based in the Union Pacific rail road station and has wonderful displays and lots and lots to see, ranging from old railway cars, a soda fountain, Amazon fish exhibit (this month), Omaha history and it was a lot of fun to wander through. We spend about four hours on the two floors. The station itself is still done in art deco work and it is splendid in its art. There are life size statues that 'talk' when you come near them - a woman buying a ticket, two soldiers off to WWII, a ticket taker. The museum is well worth a visit.
We did indulge in a great beef dinner one night at a huge steak house. It reminded me of the night before Mel asked me to marry him - he had taken me out to a steak house in San Jose. I told the boys about my disappointment that he had not chosen to propose to me at the steak house AFTER I had spent all day with him, cleaning out his garage (what a mess that was). I knew we were at a point in our relationship that was a defining moment. But it all ended well when their dad proposed to me the following day ... and the rest, as they say, is history -
We went to the Omaha Zoo (Henry Doorly) and it was a bit difficult as the weather was a humid 100 degrees. We were not acclimatized to the heat and so Jordon and I did not get to as many animal areas as we wanted to. Mel and Gabriel had more stamina and were able to see more.
On our stop over for our return, we went to the Strategic Air Museum. That is a fascinating museum with 20 or more aircraft to view and read about. The boys went in flight simulators and both got headaches from having done so - but they both enjoyed flying upside down and killing off the enemy.
Our last afternoon was spent at Old Market. We had delicious ice cream ... my favorite was mine - Almond Fruit Cake - mmmmmm


Julie said...

WOW! Sounds like a great trip! Your boys are so lucky to have parents that expose them to so much of the good things in life -- relationships that matter.

Leslie K. said...

I am so glad you are home from such a wonderful vacation. We missed you.

FYI - a thread about Planned Deathhood has opened on The Hive. Apparently, I am the only post-abortive woman willing to step forward and say to one of the very liberal men, "Please stop saying you are wanting to protect me. You never wanted to protect me before - but now that it involves killing my children, you want to HELP me to do that?"

Obviously, I missed you.