Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ninety or hotter?

Today it feels like one hundred degrees - but yahoo!, no humidity.

After leaving the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, we drove south to Kansas City, Missouri to meet up with my dear friend Christine MaggiO. I have known her for years over the internet and she is a sweet, loving sister in Christ. She opened her home to us for three days - so generous of her for there were four of us.

Kansas City is large! I had no idea what to expect, but I loved being there - and of course, most of loving it was being with Christine MaggiO.

Christine's daughter and son in law hosted us for a barbeque the evening we arrived. They live on twenty plus acres and Gabe and Jordon were in hog heaven, swimming, fishing, riding on their John Deere tractors and eating. We all enjoyed visiting with one another - thank you for your hospitality, Mike and Robin.

We went to the Harry Truman Museum one afternoon. The Museum is fascinating and full of information that I had forgotten! There were of course, photos of Japan, and those took me back to my childhood as we moved to Japan in 1954 and there were still some bombed out buildings at that time.

We were treated to a Kansas City Royals versus Boston Red Sox ballgame. Christine's son in law was able to get us tickets and they were so close to the dug out that I felt I could shake hands with the players. Thank you, Mike!

Having worked for Pan Am and having grown up in the airline industry as my father also worked for Pan Am, I am pretty much a sucker for all things airline. We went to the Kansas City Airline Museum which is at the old Kansas City Airport. Christine had worked at a restaurant at the airport, so she also enjoyed seeing the airline paraphernalia. There were four airplanes - one a DC 3 and another one a Constellation. I remember flying on both of them and to be able to actually be back inside of a Connie was thrilling!

Christine MaggiO, Mel and I had late nights, talking, laughing and enjoying one another's company ... oh yeah, Jack Daniels was also there! Amazing how sipping on a bit of whiskey on ice makes the time fly!

Our visit was over all too soon, and we headed up to Sioux City, Iowa to spend the night before our destination, which was Yankton.


Christine Trollinger said...

It was fabulous havng you and Mel and the boys here Sissy and we really must do it again.

Sew said...

a 100 degrees and no humidity. What? is that even possible??? LOL Not in the South! It's always 115% humidity! My carpet felt damp today and it wasn't even "hot"! LOL