Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We are back from a wonderful vacation! The focus of the vacation was to celebrate Sr. DeChantal's 100th birthday. Yes, you read correctly, one hundredth!!!

Sr. DeChantal is a Benedictine Nun and entered the convent when she was sixteen years old. She has dedicated her life to God, her family and teaching. Her prayers for her loved ones have been the mainstay of the Garcia family, I dare write.

Our vacation took us from Seattle, WA to Omaha, NE down to Kansas City, MO, up to Souix City, IA, further up to Yankton, SD and then back to Omaha. We rented a car in Omaha for our trip.

We were hosted by our dear Sister in Christ, Christine "MaggiO" in Kansas City. I met Christine on line over a decade ago. We have corresponded ever since through the Coming Home Network email list and then St James 2:24 email list. We have also spoken over the phone many times and it was absolutely wonderful to be able to sit and visit with her. Thank you Christine MaggiO for your wonderful hospitality...

Her daughter and son in law hosted us on Sunday evening with a barbeque, swimming and for our sons, fishing and ATV rides.

We visited the Truman Library - fantastic and her son in law further helped us out by obtaining tickets to a ball game. The Kansas City Royals vs the Boston Red Sox. The seats were fantastically close to the action and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

I will write more about our trip in the coming days -

We are glad to be home; thrilled that we journeyed across this great, blessed nation of ours and were able to visit with friends and family. (which indeed are interchangeable!)

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Leslie K. said...

she doesn't look at day over 95...
ok, seriously - you are so blessed to have such a living saint in your own FAMILY!!!