Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Summer Phelps

This evening I read in our local paper about a little girl, who was killed when she was just four years old. Here is her story.

This is what I wrote in reply to others who had written commentary to the newspaper story:

How can anyone do this to their child/ren?

The question is what is our culture? It is a culture that sees children as a blessing or a curse? It is a culture who welcomes children or sees them as a burden? Is it a culture that protects children or permits them to be abused through pornography and other horrible images on television and elsewhere? Are we a culture who sexualizes children or do we keep them safe?

Are we a culture that embraces abortion (the premeditated, dismembering of a human being) or do we turn away from it with horror?

The horror that was visited upon little Summer is a direct result of the culture that has embraced death, that sexualizes children, that does not welcome children, but abuses them.

I feel horrible for what happened to this little girl. It should not have happened. But then again, today, 3,000 children in the United States had their lives terminated by abortion. Right here in Kitsap County, on Riddel Road, there is an abortion mill and the killings continue.

We were told when abortion became legal (never moral) that child abuse would be a thing of the past because all children would be a wanted child.

Poor Summer Phelps - she was wanted, perhaps not by her parents and step mother, but God wanted this child to live. He had a purpose for her life. Perhaps her short life's purpose is this: we need to stop the culture of death in our society if we are to stop child abuse.


naneki said...

Hi, I love your blog.
I made a comment in support of your statement, but it looks like no one else has commented. You spoke the truth in love.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

summer meant the world to me I am glad to have had the short amount of time that I had with her to be a good daddy and to give her my unconditional love, I rest because I know she is waiting for me in heaven where we can be a family again. I would have given my life for you. lawrence gene hanley

chimakuni said...

Lawrence Gene Hanley - thank you for showing Summer how a good daddy was to treat her. I cannot begin to imagine your heartbreak from the loss of her...we have been foster parents, and indeed, adopted children out of the foster system in Washington state.

One of my huge fears was that when the children were reunited with their biological families, they would continue to be abused. I am so sorry that this happened in Summer's case.

You are correct, in "My father's house there are many mansions, I go there to prepare a place for you - " (paraphrasing) - God does have a plan for all of our lives and we will all live in is up to us how we prepare for that eternity - will it be with God, who sent His only Begotten Son to tell us about Him...or will we reject the Son and the Father as the builder rejected the corner stone?

Prayers for your heart - and prayers for the repose of the soul for Summer ...