Monday, July 21, 2008

three years on the web

For many years, my daily routine on the internet is to view my emails, swing by the local newspaper site, then swing by different sites, two of which are, After Abortion and Abortion in Washington. Both of these sites are a treasure trove of information about abortion and what is being done to combat its horrors.

There are horrors that are nearly incomprehensible to the human mind that are being visited upon our society here in the United States. And that horror is abortion, the deliberate, premeditated destruction of human life.

In Washington State a blog, Abortion in Washington is celebrating their third anniversary on the web. I believe that the authors of the blog would for the world pray that they would never have to write another story on abortion, but until that day comes, they will continue to publish stories that highlight the evils of abortion.

Mary E. and Jonathan B.- thank you for your great research and blog. Here's praying your tenure will be short!

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Mary E. said...

God bless you Chikumani. I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for your beautiful witness.