Wednesday, July 16, 2008

laughed well, cried well and loved well

Our dear friends, Dick, Sue and Brent left our home this morning. We had the pleasure of their company for nearly two weeks and we loved every minute of it.

When I worked at Pan Am, I met Dick. I flew to New York for a meeting and on the flight there, I was introduced to Richard (Dick) and we became buddies from the instant we started talking with one another. Richard and I have a commonality in that we have never met a stranger.

About two years after meeting Dick, I was introduced to his best friend, Mel. Mel and I married nine months later, 23 years ago.

We all lived in San Jose, California after I married Mel and we saw one another frequently. We left San Jose eighteen years ago and we have visited back and forth. Dick and Sue moved to Arizona about two years ago and we have been down there twice and they have been up here several times.

Dick, Sue, Brent, Gabe, Jordon and I went on a cruise to Alaska together two summers ago. It was a wonderful trip. Mel stayed home, paying for the cruise by going to work while we were gone ... we missed Mel, but he says he has already been on a cruise - a troop transport trip on his way to Korea back in the day. For love nor money will Mel believe that the cruise lines are a little different than the troop transport ships...oh well...

We truly love Dick, Sue and Brent. We love being with them, having them in our home, talking late into the night, rising early the next morning to begin anew...

This morning they had to leave. They are driving back to Arizona to their 'other' life. We tried to delay them as long as we could ... checking the air in their tires, grabbing one more hug, crying tears, laughing, and best of all and most important of all - loving well.

I pray, and I ask for your prayers, for a safe journey for them on their travels home. I also ask you to pray for Sue, who will be undergoing surgery for her second round with breast cancer. Please pray for God's Divine Providence to be visited upon her, her surgeons and her family during this scary time.

Thank you.

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Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

You got it, ma cherie. St. Peregrine, intercede for Sue; and let this experience bring her closer to our Sweet Jesus ... and let her remain with her family here on earth for years to come.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy