Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fred Finn

Oh dear - Mr. Finn has been busy with his door belling and his sign posting. I have not heard from him yet -

I saw a quote on a t-shirt the other day - it read "Your silence will not protect you ... " and it was attributed to the black lesbian poet, Audre Lorde.

Now, as I read those words, I thought - yes, that is correct, when our days here on earth are done, we will be held accountable for our actions here on earth. When we are silent about the issue of abortion, we permit more abortions to be performed, which means the loss of more lives.

Audre Lorde was writing about lesbian and 'gay' issues, indeed, the other side of the t-shirt had AIDS awareness on it.

Here is the kicker - disordered behavior is rampant in the homosexual community - performing abortions is disordered, too. I doubt that Audre Lorde would have thought that her statement could be used for a reason against her disordered behavior or against abortion.

But - it can and should be used against abortion and against disordered behaviors of all kinds.

If I am silent, no one will know the horror of abortion. If I am silent, no one will know that homosexual behavior is not okay - it is disordered.

The homosexual community is doing a good job in shutting people up - those who know that homosexual behavior is disordered and the feminists and law makers are doing a darn good job in shutting up those who are opposed to abortion.

Notice not one time have I written that a person who practices homosexuality is in anyway disordered - I have written that the behavior is disordered. One can and must separate the two.

There are many ways of not being silent - one of those ways is prayer for those of us who WILL SPEAK OUT - for our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. The other way, if you are being called to speak out is to go to your nearest abortion mill and pray for the fathers and mothers who enter the killing fields. We can be a witness without saying a word.

The other one is a prayer that Fred Finn will come to my door and that he and I can engage in a conversation about abortion.

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Esther said...

I like the way you turned that phrase around!