Thursday, June 12, 2008


About two weeks ago, we received a flyer in our mail asking us to consider voting for Fred Finn. I looked at the flyer and could not find a contact number or website for the candidate for the 35th legislative district here in Washington State.

I went online to this man's website and here is what I found. On the face of it, this man seems like an ideal candidate to represent our family in Olympia. He is on the foundation board of Mason General Hospital - a hospital that our family uses. During his tenure there he has "[I ] helped sponsor an event this past year that raised funds to purchase for the hospital two labor-and-delivery beds, and light tables to treat little premature infants. I also actively support Turning Pointe in Shelton and Safe House in Thurston County that provide safe harbor to women and children from abusive environments."

Fantastic, Mr. Finn!!! You are for babies and abused children and women. That is great!

I called Mr. Finn's campaign office to ask him what his position was on abortion. The woman who answered the phone told me Mr. Finn was in a meeting. I then told her I would appreciate the good candidate calling me so we could talk about the issue of abortion. To date, Mr. Finn has not called me.

I went on his endorsement page today...and lo and behold not to much surprise, Mr. Finn is endorsed by NARAL - pro "choice" READ ABORTION - of Washington.

Mr. Finn - how can you on the one hand say you are a champion for little tiny babies and children and woman and on the other hand, accept an endorsement from those who would kill babies? What is your position on killing the most vulnerable among us?

I just don't get it, Mr. Finn - I would love a reply to my question.


Anonymous said...

Try Randy Neatherlin at
18 years of working with the kids
and pro life

chimakuni said...

I have met Randy Neatherlin - I did not know he was running...have not seen any signs up yet for him.

I will contact him and see what his beliefs are regarding abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

Anonymous, thanks for the heads up.

Peace begins in the womb