Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friendship 101 and saints

When I see this photo, I realize how blessed I am to have such wonderful, special friends. God has truly brought us together and we have a lot of great times, laughing, praying and being supportive of one another in this wonderful journey on our way Home.
This life is transient - we are made to know God in this life, to Worship Him, to Serve Him and to Love him so that we will be with Him and all the angels and saints for all of eternity.
When I look at this photo, I see two saints - women whose lives are full of Our Lord, who are trying their best to help others in life to become the best that they can be. Leslie and Esther are committed to their parishes in teaching RCIA classes...what an undertaking! Leslie is a Catholic Out Loud and Esther is our beautiful queen - serene, with a wonderful sense of humor and so beautiful. WOW!
And then there is me - and that smile you see on my face? It is a smile of contentment and joy knowing that I am in the company of saints...it doesn't get much better than that!


Esther said...

You are sweet, Lee Anne! And don't forget, there are three saints in the photo! :)

PS Although I'd love to someday, I don't actually teach RCIA in my parish. I was involved on the administrative end.

Anonymous said...

Godly friends are such a wonderful treasure. I just started reading your blog and am enjoying it very much.