Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Oh my goodness! I realized when logging in that this is my one hundredth post. I wish I could throw some confetti around in cyber space, but I have even better news!

According to Father Euteneuer of Human Life International, the small country of Nicaragua has had a very interesting thing happen along the lines of maternal deaths.

It seems that Nicaragua has banned and has upheld the ban on abortions in their country, regardless of the pro-death mantra that 'legal abortions save lives' (and I could never follow THAT thinking - abortion takes life...).

Read Father Euteneuer's most excellent post here and praise God for His Good Providence!

Please continue to pray for those considering abortion...

And for the crazy weather that we are experiencing - that lives will be spared and property damage minimal. Thank you -


Angela M. said...

Congratulations and many more!

Christine said...

Congratulations and thank you for the article by Father Euteneuer. Fabulous news.