Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trying to make sense out of this

Yesterday, while I was in the mall, I happened to pass a table set up with signs for "Death with Dignity". Washington State is trying to get suicide leglalized in this state, similar to what is going on in the state to the south of us.

The initiative is trying to get enough signatures to place it onto the ballot for us tax payers to approve or disapprove its passing into law.

As I walked by the table, I slowed down and said "I believe that it should be left up to God to decide when our lives come to an end, not to us mere mortals."

The woman replied "Oh, I am sorry."

I continued walking, but in hindsight which is always SO 20/20, I wish I had asked her why she was sorry.

Still pondering her comment.

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Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

She probably meant that since you were uneducated (yeah, right)in life's cycles ... OR ... she could have meant ... 'what do I say to that'. I would hope that eventually she get EDUCATED ... to the 'right to life' given each of us by our Father, GOD. Good for you, ma cherie; Catholic Out Loud. I did that in the grocery store about praising GOD and Jesus for Ricki's progress. But it was a little like a 'safe zone'. He is our neighbor; Trudy's sister's uncle by marriage; and a gooooood and practicing Catholic. Well, I was practicing for when I get more courage. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!