Monday, May 05, 2008

Nice, just nice...

So, today I went to the orthodontist who straightened my teeth, Jesse's teeth and Jordon's teeth. Dr. Naumann is always upbeat, cheerful and smiling.
He has built his practice in this area and over the past seven years that we have been going to him, he has been able to move from a rented space to owning two of his own buildings and bringing another orthodontist on board.

He treats his employees respectfully and it is evident in the way that they treat us, their patients.

Dr. Naumann was suprised and happy to see me today. We discussed Jesse and Jordon and my problem - - the lost retainer. I had a choice of getting another retainer made (and fortunately, I still had the molds of my teeth from when my first retainers were molded) or having a permanent retainer put in against the back of my lower teeth.

Both Jesse and Jordon have permanent retainers on their lower teeth. I have thought, from time to time about whether I would have been better off getting the permanent retainer, but was fine with what I had.

Today I decided to go with the permanent retainer on my lower teeth. WOW! The reason I had not gotten it when I first had my braces off was that I thought it would take some time to get used to it as well as having some pain involved. I was, thankfully and happily, wrong.

Dr. Naumann, being the nice man that he is and because I brought in my teeth molds, only charged me 50 % of the normal cost. He is such a gentleman!
Dr. Naumann was number one in his dentistry classes as well as number one in his orthodontist classes.

Thank you, Dr. Naumann . . . and if any of you are in the Bremerton, Seattle, Tacoma area and are looking for a top notch orthodontist, I highly recommend Dr. Siegfried Naumann.

Of course, Dr. Naumann has been and continues to be number 1 in my eyes!

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Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Siegfried ... sounds like a magician; but then, the way you describe his heart and soul; probably is. I love a dentist that is so nice ... KIDS LIKE THE DR. ;*-) DIEU TE BENISSE!
Cajun Sissy