Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sweet Pathway

This is one of my favorite pathways outside our home. It is outside of our family room and to the right are my roses, which will, God Willing, be blooming in a couple of weeks.
Today after we got home from Mass, we did some yardwork - we purchased lawn furniture last weekend and Jordon and Mel assembled it and now it is up and ready to use. Gabriel and I pulled weeds and raked old leaves. The other pathway, between the house and the garage is looking pretty nice this evening.
Our spring has been too cold for my liking - but today it is just perfect weather - so I am hoping our cold spring is over with and we will move along to summer.
Last night, Mel and I went to dinner and a show starring the Bremerton Symphony and Diane Shuur. They were at the Admiral Theater here in Bremerton and the dinner was excellent and the show fantastic. Dianne's voice is just beautiful and it was a treat to be transported to the depths of my soul while listening to her and the instruments play.
If Mrs Shuur is ever in your area and you like jazz, even just a little bit, I highly recommend you treat yourself!


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Merci for the link; she is quite 'amazing ... a grace' ... and is she blind? Amazing ... GOD giveths and takes away, came to mind. And how brave folks are that lose one part of themselves and keep on going. A recent 'making a difference' on NBC Nightly news ... was about a Iraq vet ... no legs ... but boy, can that boy run; and run he does.
Cajun Sissy
>>>Ohe, yeah; the path just came back into view. Lovely; I love purple flowers. xxxooo

chimakuni said...

Yes, Mrs. Shuur has been blind since birth.

Glad you like my purple flowers - can you believe those are all volunteers?