Thursday, May 08, 2008

Abortion . . .

the enemy has done a great job in making the word abortion into a word that one is not permitted to speak unless they are willing to delve into a long discussion about it OR be told to be quiet.

Well, dear readers, as you know, my life has been drastically damaged by abortion - yes, damaged.

Here is a clip by Father Frank Pavone on You Tube that discusses abortion. Please watch this if you are at all on the fence about whether abortion should be legal. Please watch it if you feel that abortion should remain legal. Please watch this if you are not sure about whether abortion should happen.

We all know that abortion is the termination of life. God is the author of life and we mere mortals have no right to kill another mortal.

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Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Well, since 'youtube' on my computer takes forever ... 3 seconds playing ... 10 seconds pause; so I am glad that folks like me (that agree with you that abortion is murder and damages the woman for the rest of her life) were not in your list. One day when I have the time, though; I will watch Fr Frank. He is such a nice and sweet man. Merci for this entry. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!
Cajun Sissy