Thursday, May 01, 2008

Feast Day of Saint Joseph!!!

What a day - I went and had my blood drawn, had a crown that had come off last night, re-cemented, lost my retainer (yes, I know I am old, but after my cancer, I decided to get braces and part of having my teeth straightened at 49 years old means that I have retainers), went and prayed at the abortion mill and came home!

I heard news reports about marches and demonstrations thoughout the United States - some of the marches were for illegal immigrants to be granted full citizenship and others were against the Iraq War.

No one marched for the babies that were being slaughtered today. No one seems to even care that all over the United States, we are killing 3, 000 babies a day - three thousand! Nobody, that is except for those who pray day after day, week after week that this holocaust will come to an end. Oh yes, and God - and Saint Joseph, and since he is the foster father of Our Precious Lord, and a protector of Christ, I believe we need to ask him to intercede for our fight for LIFE.

I am all for immigrants coming to this wonderful country of ours - after all, my family immigrated here from Canada. They studied and they took their citizenship test and they immigrated - all while I was in-utero!!! Pretty amazing to me!

I was conceived a Canadian and born an American.

I am against war - but I also know that marching and stopping shipping by the Longshoremen is not going to stop the Iraq War.

I just wonder - why aren't those who are calling out for immigration call out for LEGAL immigration and join us praying at the abortion mill? Why don't those who stop the loading of ships to protest the war, actually come and pray at the abortion mills with us?

THAT would be something - all those longshoremen praying and asking Saint Joseph to intercede on behalf of the babies. All the immigration protestors (they want to get around the law...) coming and praying for the babies.

Well - I can dream - yes, I can and since today was so wonderful, I am going to continue to dream of a day when abortion is so abhorent to our society that it never even crosses a man or woman's mind.

LIFE - thank you Saint Joseph for stepping up to the plate for Our Precious Lord! Pray for us and for the unborn babies - we need your intercession - please beg your son for continued courage, strength and humility for us to continue on in this fight for LIFE!


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

AMEN!!! I was a Catholic Out Loud yesterday ... and it felt good. The waiter said 'what will you have?' I said 'something without meat'. He said 'is it still Lent??' I thought ... Boy, don't you know the LORD has Risen. 'SAM' said ... as Sissy and I did ... 'it to eradicate abortions'. 'Ohe' he said; 'well, that is a nice thought'. NICE; well ... a little better than nice. Sissy and I had shrimp and crab cake. Sorry, JPII ... that was no sacrifice. Gonna have to get used to tofou.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy

chimakuni said...

Hurray for you MACILE!!! I pray that young man (it was a young man, yes?) will start to pray for an end to abortion, too!

I love tofu and fish - heck, I love to eat, so not eating is the sacrifice!!