Monday, February 04, 2008

Who is Matthew, Mom?

Good question - - my dear precious fourteen year old son. One day when you are a bit older I will let you know that Matthew is your older brother. He would have been 38 this September. His life ended in April of 1970.

He is a great older brother; indeed, I ask him to intercede for you and your two brothers here when things are rough. I ask him to intercede for you when you are frustrated or down.

Yes, he is a great older brother - and I wish we could all have met him - alas, his time here on earth was way too short.

I know, however, that he loves you and is looking forward to the day when he can be with you. That, I know, will be years and years off...but with God time is nothing, so too with Matthew as he is right there with Him.

You also have an older sister - her name is Michelle. Her life was also very short - but make no mistake about it - she also intercedes for you, Jordon and Jesse. As an older sister, she has the tenderest heart. She longs for the day that she can hug all of us and never let us go.

Gabe - Mom loves you so much and she loves your tender heart - in many ways I think you take after your oldest brother and sister.


Christine said...

Your a very special Mom Sissy.



butch said...

Ahhhhhh; how heart touching. Annie talks to her two brothers all the time. She told her mom that she has a nice old lady who says she is her GA ... and she talks to her and protects her. One day, Sissy and Gary decided to try to watch some old Christmas movies. They were taken at his parents home, before Annie was born. When Ann (his mother) came on the screen and started talking ... Annie screamed ...'that is her; that is her; my GA'. Gary said it was nonsense but Sissy was not surprised. Ann had been coming to her for years ... holding her while she cried when G would do some strange thing that hurt Sissy and Annie. Yes, angels walk the earth; and some of them are not 'human friends'. xxxooo
Merci for this post. Makes my heart swell. Cajun Sissy